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photo: Davi Boarato | Web Films.

AMZ is a producer of experiences specialized in Brazil.

Through tourism and events, our mission is to connect people, companies and projects with the diversity of natural beauties, cultures and traditional communities in Brazil. The goal is to generate positive impact and connections that build bridges and opportunities for a more inclusive and sustainable future.


We believe in Brazil's potential through its depths and territorial development through local people

and its singularities. Strengthening traditional communities we contribute to 

preservation of our biomes.

We offer regular itineraries and we can also design and produce your itinerary or event in a personalized way. 

We also work in the development of traditional communities that want to start working with


Welcome to the best of Brazil that we have gathered here for you!


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"I don't have walls, I have horizons. 
I am the world in which I walk."
Wallace Steavens


Experiences are an inner and outer journey. Places and people connect us with the experience of coexistence with the whole and give us more meaning in life. That's why we love to travel so much!

We facilitate your discovery, partnership, achievements and connection with a real Brazil, without clichés.

The important thing is to take the experiences  beyond the photos and make a positive impact wherever we go.

LençÓis maranhenses

Imagine a “desert” of white sand with rivers and lakes of crystal clear water.   It's a scenario where you feel like you're stepping on the moon or on another planet. But luckily it's our Earth! Lençóis Maranhenses is one of the places most

impressive in Brazil and unique in the world.

 The best way to experience it is trekking among the dunes, bathing in the lakes, kayaking down the river and staying in the communities that live in the middle of the park.


Best season: June to August / Minimum group at any time of the year: 4 people

Next open group: 26th to 30th of August

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Jalapão is one of the unique destinations e picturesque with its reddish cerrado, with waterfalls, boilers and springs of

crystal clear waters. People who live there are quilombolas and they receive us with such a big heart that

would fit in the extension of the park. 

In addition to the natural beauties, we will get to know the quilombola culture of Jalapão through the people, stories, songs, food, festivities. It is a very meaningful, transforming, human experience. 

  In addition to the quilombolas, we can also visit the indigenous land from the Xerente ethnic group and their river beaches and cave paintings on the outskirts of the main city, Palmas.

Best season: May to September / Minimum group at any time of the year: 4 people

Next open group: September 7th to 13th


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If you want to get to know our original Brazil in an authentic way in the heart of the Amazon, this is a unique experience.

The Kubenkrãnkenh village of the Kayapó ethnic group (self-named "Mebêngôkre") in the south of the state of Pará opens a few groups a year to receive us in an experience of immersion in their indigenous culture.

In addition, the village is surrounded by waterfalls with pure and warm water, river beaches, high forest and you can exchange experiences and experience a real connection with nature with those who best know how to live in harmony with it. ​​


Best season: June to September /  Minimum group at any time of the year: 2 people

Next open group: September 7th to 13th

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alter do chãO 

Considered the place with the praias from rio most beautiful in Brazil and nicknamed as the "caribe amazônico".
Alter has a great diversity of white sand beaches and clear water that for an hour is confused if it is sea or fresh water due to the grandeur of the rivers that have an extension between banks of approximately 30 kilometers.
These margins are home to several riverside communities that receive us in experiences about their lives, projects, customs and take us to enter the Amazon forest, sharing all their wisdom.

Best season: August to February / Minimum group at any time of the year: 4 people
Next open exit: NEW YEAR AMZ (2December 8ththe 1st of January)

suggestions for experiences in alter



Raquel Brust_5.jpg

accommodation in riverside communities

This is one of the most authentic experiences for proximity to local people. You stay in very well-kept community inns in the biggest paradises in the region and you will experience not only the daily life of the riverside people, but you will also learn a lot about the economy of the standing forest, which is a new way of thinking about the world.


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boat trips


One of the best ways to get to know the Amazon is by boat, navigating the most beautiful rivers,

the Tapajós and Arapiuns.

The itinerary is designed for you to experience the maximum of Pará culture and natural beauties with great comfort.

We have different types of boats for you to take a trip with your family or friends at any time of the year.

Trips are private and personalized.

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This is a spaceof events and inn standing on the sand,

in front of Ponta Grande, the main point for visiting the Arapiuns river. It is located among all the communities that work with community-based tourism and offer super interesting tours. That is, you will have a super optional program during your stay or your event.

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You will get to know the best and most important spots in the region on day trips. It's an experience for those who don't have much time or prefer more traditional ways of traveling. 

The tours are done in a private speedboat,

that is, just for you and your group.

So you can have more independence to enjoy the day.

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Vila AMZ is a guesthouse in Alter with a proposal for equipped houses fully integrated with the forest and very well located. It is located at the foot of an ecological reserve, 50 meters from one of the best beaches in Lago Verde and 15 minutes walk from the center. 

The idea is for you to feel at home and experience what it's like to live in total contact with nature and comfort. 

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tell us your idea!


Based on a briefing that we believe is positive for the region and for the local people, we plan and carry out personalized experiences throughout Brazil.


These are trips with specific interests, such as inspirational trips, study trips, cultural exchange, self-knowledge retreats, experiences linked to spirituality, etc.


See some of the work we've done here.

photo: Rachel Brust

Photos: Gustavo Frota, Guilherme Castorldi,  Dobby, Raquel Brust, Davi Boarato, Bruna Toledo, Turismo Consciente.

local production 

For those who want to carry out projects and need logistics and local production from competent teams who know Brazil like the back of their hand. From production for TV, cinema, fashion, photographic expeditions, business meetings, sustainability-related project meetings, etc. 


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