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background photo: Roncca

personalized experiences
and local production

We are a company that likes to help other companies and institutions with our knowledge about the Amazon. Be it inspiring for new creations, expanding the vision to see new job opportunities, creating bonds between people of different realities, taking out of the comfort zone to face new fronts or just designing the logistics of projects and events. Each "job" is an universe, a challenge that we carry out with great pleasure.

check SOME personalized EXPERIENCES AND local PRODUCTIONS we've done

fotos: Pamella Herpio, Bruna Brandão, Raquel Brust
Screen Shot 2020-02-21 at 4.57.27 PM.png

A seven-day immersion for nine young people and a team from the NGO Casa Amarela, which works on Morro da Providência, in Rio de Janeiro. The young people studied 1 year on the Amazon, then participated in a selection that would take them for the first time outside their community, in a favela Rio de Janeiro to the Amazon.

February, 2017 


A trip created by AMZ in partnership with the Red Bull entrepreneur network, Amaphiko. The objective was to strengthen the bond of the Red Bull network and create new ties with the network of young entrepreneurs in the Amazon under the Beiradão de Oportunidades program (NGO Saúde e Alegria), funded by the Telefónica Foundation.

There were 4 days sailing the Arapiuns River, visiting community projects, leaders, talking about entrepreneurship, challenges and solutions.


February, 2017 / August2018.

photo: Guilherme Castoldi


A trip for Israeli artist Michal Kessus to investigate the shamanism of the Xipibo and Matsses indigenous peoples in the Peruvian Amazon. The objective was the inspiration for his work that was exhibited at the 31st Bienal de Arte de São Paulo, which portrayed the experience of this trip in charcoal drawings on a parchment.


July, 2014.


We produced the logistics for the video recording trip about the co-creation of the brand with the Ashaninka indigenous ethnic group, in northern Acre. We also take care of the communication between the team and the village during the trip.


June, 2015.


We produced much of the logistics for a trip for 30 journalists in the region of Belém and Abaetetuba. Out 3 days of accommodation in 2 Yachts and visit the raw material supplying community for the Ekos - Natura cosmetics line.

We also produced a lunch for 80 people, for socializing between the community and journalists during the trip.


Berlin Ethnographic Museum

We produced the film by Israeli artist Yael Bertana that was shown at the Berlin Ethnographic Museum. The film is a documentary-fiction about the shamanic research trip of the artist Michael Kessus through the Amazon.


September, 2014.

OH, Boy!

We produced a content generation trip for the launch of the 2017 summer collection of Oh, Boy! fashion label. We produced an editorial with the clothes of the new collection.


March, 2017.

foto: Daniel Gutierrez

We produced much of the logistics for the Land Rover Discovery car launch event, which took place over 20 days in the Santarém (PA) region, for journalists, dealerships and opinion makers.

 June, 2017.

We produced a trip to the French artist Jerome Saint-Rose through the Huni Kuin indigenous villages, on the Jordan River, in Acre. The work was shown at Galeria Ē, in São Paulo.


June, 2017.

Jerome Saint-Rose

foto: Daniel Gutierrez


In June 2018, we participated in the 83rd birthday party of the mother indigenous village (Kubenkrãnkenh) of the Mẽbengôkre (Kayapó) ethnicity with the photographers Roncca, Leo Pelatti and Felipe Ávila, the tourism expert Nayana Sara and the anthrologistologist Mirella to contribute with the perceptions about the project of ethno tourism in the village.

Subsequently, in June 2019, we participated in the Kukrut Nhõ Metoro indigenous party with the aim of establishing a partnership between Instituto-e and the village, in addition to the artistic research of Oskar Metsavaht. The partnership has been traced since then, in addition to the contribution of perception about their ethno tourism project.

fotos: Roncca, Leonardo Pelatti, Felipe Avila

Earth Innovation Istitute

We produced the logistics of recording part of this video, at indigenous village called the Kubenkankre , of the Kayapó ethnic group, in the south of Pará. The video was produced for the US Forest Service, The Years Project, ADP and Earth Innovation Institute to promote the discussion on climate change.


September, 2018.

ekos logo 2.jpg

We produced the shooting of photos of the perfume Natura Ekos, Encantos da Floresta with the photographer Bob Wolfson, with a team of approximately 12 people, for 4 days.

Loah Boutique_ Farm_ da zona sul do Rio

We produced the look book  for summer collection 2019 for the FARM fashion label. There were 3 days of photos in different locations on the Arapiuns, Tapajós and Amazonas rivers.


 October, 2019.



In October 2020 we did the local production of Bob Wolfson's free fashion and art. Photos of the work will be displayed after the book is released.



We share our knowledge through mentoring for other projects and lectures. These three examples were in the presentation of projects for Amaphiko in São Paulo, in the tourism entrepreneurship course at the Impact Hub in Manaus and in the Story Telling workshop of Red Bull in Balém.

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