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The Villa Arapiuns inn is located in the most beautiful place in the region, on the Arapiuns river. Just 1h30 by speedboat from Alter do Chão, you have the opportunity to experience the forest in comfort, the paradisiacal river beaches, streams and take trips to neighboring riverside communities. It is a unique inn, there is no lodging experience compared to this one in the Santarém region. ​


Villa Arapiuns works as an inn and also a space for events such as weddings, self-discovery retreats, water sports meetings, business trips, a base for productions in the region, personal celebrations, etc. ​


Our regular packages include day trips, transportation from Alter to Pousada Villa Arapiuns, food and lodging. It's a complete on-site experience. Or you can stay with separate rates that include accommodation and food.


There are 15 triple and double chalets, a restaurant, yoga processing area, with solar energy, in front of the most beautiful beach on the Arapiuns river, the famous Ponta Grande.

Photos Renan Chicarelli and Hellen Joplin and Fabio Basani

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Villa Arapiuns is located at a privileged point on the Apaiuns river, as it is close to riverside communities that work with tourism. You can enjoy the best of the Amazon, such as deserted river beaches with white sand, trails in primary forest, canoe rides, piracaia (grilled fish on the beach with a bonfire), local handicrafts, natural pigmentation workshop, flour production, production of honey from Jandaíra (stingless bee) and creation of tambaqui and much more.

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Photos Bárbara Vale , Renan Chicarelli and  Hellen Joplin Adhara Luz and Fabio Basani


Villa Arapiuns is a great place to hold events such as weddings, retreats, meetings of teams from companies linked to the Amazon, personal celebrations, etc. You can close the entire space for your event and we have an excellent local production team that can take care of all the logistics, service and execution of your event.

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Includes accommodation, round-trip transportation, tours of the surrounding riverside communities, full board with dessert and non-alcoholic drinks, hostess and logistical support for your entire experience in the Alter do Chão region.

We have special conditions for your retreat,see special conditions hereand make a quote with us!!

single daily


Chalé  triple: BRL 2,524.50 per night

Double chalet: BRL 1,870.00 per night

Individual chalet: BRL 1,215.50 per night


Minimum 12 people, 2 nights.

Children up to 2 years old: free

Children from 3 to 12 years old: 20% discount

Included in the price: hostess, accommodation and full board (3 meals with dessert and juice)

Not included: transportation to Villa Arapiuns, alcoholic beverages, tours and local guides, food outside the scheduled time.

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