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27.12 - 01.01

It's been 13 years of New Year celebrations along the Tapajós and Arapiuns rivers! We are very happy to celebrate another year together, with lots of joy, natural beauty, big-hearted people, learning, exchanges, good drinks and food in abundance.

For 6 days, you will discover the most beautiful spots on the Tapajós and Arapiuns rivers with your "floating house",

away from the usual tourist crowds and confusion of the most important commemorative date of the year.


You will discover the immense freshwater beaches available to you all day long. You will enter the forest and discover the streams, igapós, medicinal plants, animals and ways of living in harmony with the environment. You will get to know the culture of Pará in terms of cuisine, music, dance and traditions. You'll dance at sunset, sleep each night anchored on a different beach and see one of the starriest skies in the world. There will be a very special New Year's Eve party on a deserted beach!


Have a happy new year!

Scroll down and see photos, the detailed itinerary, prices and all necessary information.

Video by Bruna Toledo


The New Year's Eve party

Our New Year's Eve party is on the sand, on a paradisiacal desert beach you will dance until the sun comes up with several DJs playing Brazilian, Pará, electronic and music from around the world! The party is included for those on the boats, but you can buy a separate invitation and join us too! We will soon launch this option!




Regional boats are known for transporting local people and curious tourists between cities in the Amazon. But we put it together in a way that makes it super comfortable and beautiful. Holds up to 40 people in hammocks and rooms. It has a restaurant space, bar and a lounge with 360º views of the rivers where our dance floor is also located!



The ferry boat is super comfortable, with 14 double or double suites with air conditioning. There is also a restaurant area, a bar and lounge on the third floor!

Screen Shot 2023-01-26 at 14.56.23.png

belle amazon / AMAZON DOLPHIN BOAT

The Belle Amazon and the Amazon Dolphin are super comfortable boats, with a similar design, but different sizes:

Belle Amazon has capacity for 16 people, with 8 bedrooms in total. It has 1 Master cabin with King bed and private bathroom, 3 cabins with a standard widow's double bed and private bathroom, 4 cabins with bunk beds where the bottom bed is a widow's standard double and the top one is a single bed and private bathroom

The Amazon Dolphin has capacity for 22 people with 11 rooms in total. It has 2 Master cabins with a King bed and private bathroom, 9 cabins with bunk beds where the lower bed is a double and the upper bed is a single with a private bathroom.

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