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downwind amazon

11/19 to 11/23


In partnership with the Rosa do Ventos school, we will hold a unique meeting between Kite and Amazônia.


Imagine sailing on a river that is 33km from one bank to the other, has clear, warm and yellowish waters, a place little visited by kite surfers, in the middle of the Amazon Caribbean! Our arrival and departure point is the famous village of Alter do Chão. From there, we will travel by DOWNWIND along the most beautiful river in the Amazon, the Arapiuns.


We will stop at deserted white sand beaches and stop at riverside communities to learn about the culture of Pará. As we sail, we'll get to know cuisine, trails in primary forest, canoe rides, regional music and dance (carimbó), piracaia (grilled fish).  at the beach ) and bonfire, local crafts, community forest saving projects on foot and we will meet many local people who will be friends for life.

Our accommodation will be in the most beautiful spaces and in the middle of nature,

the inn Villa Arapiuns and in the community inn of Anã.



The Villa Arapiuns inn is located in the most beautiful place in the region, on the Arapiuns river. Just 1h30 by speedboat from Alter do Chão, you have the opportunity to experience the forest, the idyllic river beaches, streams and take trips to neighboring riverside communities in comfort. It is a unique inn (literally), there is no hosting experience compared to this one in the Santarém region.

Vila Arapiuns works as an inn and also a space for events such as weddings, self-discovery retreats, water sports meetings, business trips, base for productions in the region, personal celebrations, etc. ​



There are 16 triple and double chalets, restaurant and bar, with solar energy, in front of the most beautiful beach on the Arapiuns River, the famous Ponta Grande. 

Photos Renan Chicarelli and  Hellen Joplin and Fabio Basani


The community of Anã is at the entrance to the Arapiuns river and is one of our overnight spots. It has a beautiful hammock area that accommodates 20 people, 8 bathrooms and a dining area overlooking the river. It is also a hostel managed collectively by the community, staying there is a way to encourage the economy of the standing forest!


Adhara Luz / / + 55 11 997030906

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