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Imagine a “desert” of white sand with rivers and lakes of crystal clear water.   It's a scenario where you feel like you're stepping on the moon or on another planet. But luckily it's our Earth! Lençóis Maranhenses is one of the most impressive places in Brazil and unique in the world.

 The best way to experience it is walking among the dunes, bathing in the lakes, kayaking down the river and staying in the communities that live in the middle of the park.


Best season: June to August / Minimum group at any time of the year: 4 people

Next open departure: 26th to 30th of August

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Video by Samuel Oscar / Drone of the Mountains

There will be 5 days of this unique experience in the middle of the park:


- Walks of 3 to 4 hours a day (except the last day we will do kayaking) -


- The dunes have hard sand, not as tiring as soft sand -


- August is a windy period, so the walk does not get too hot -


- We arrive at our hostel between 10 am or 11 am, enjoy and rest for the rest of the day -


- We eat and sleep in communities so you don't need to take anything other than a bikini, sarong and sleeping clothes -


- We sleep in hammocks in community-based hostels -


- The food is plentiful and there is always a beer available -


- On the last day we will make the final crossing from Betânia to Santo Amaro by Kayak (3 hours) going down the Preguiça river and stopping at the white sand beaches -




Does not include


Lunch and dinner


Accommodation and transfers outside the park

Airline tickets

Travel insurance


3 days and 2 nights:

BRL 1,277 per person

4 days and 3 nights:

BRL 1,583 per person

5 days and 4 nights:

BRL 1,790 per person


Network hosting during the journey 


Transport by car from Atins to the start of the hike

Kayak Betânia - Santo Amaro

expert guide


+ Information

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