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lodging in riverside communities

This itineraries are for those who like super authentic experiences, to live how the locals live. Overnight in a hammock, bajara tour (small boat), grilled fish at the beach, children, stories, football, fishing ...

It is an amazing experience because the local people are very warm and friendly.

Important: We need at least 4 days in advance to organize this trip and book with the communities.



what will i see there?

From August to February the wonderful beaches.

photos: Davi Boarato, Raquel Brust, Daniel Gutierrez, Bruna Toledo, Gustavo Perhsson


Don't worry, we'll take care of all the logistics. From Alter do Chão you go from bajara (small boat) to the community of Maripá (1h30 of navigation on the Tapajós river) and take a motorbike to the community of Anã (20min - river Arapiuns) or take a motorboat directly to the community of Anã (Arapiuns River), the first stop on the adventure that has just begun. From the communities that are located, the inns will make the tours to visit the surroundings and other communities.



The inns

The community inns are located in Anã and Atodi, on the Arapiuns River. They have a hammock room (up to 21 hammocks), with locker, screen, individual light. It has 16 very clean and equipped bathrooms, a beautiful cafeteria where meals are plentiful and made with great care. Both are 200 meters from the beach and in the middle of nature.

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