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You will get to know the best and most important points of the region in day trips.

It is an experience for those who do not have much time, have already booked their accommodation in Alter or prefer something more traditional.

The tours are made by private speedboat, just for you and your group so you can have more independence to enjoy the day. Choose one, two or three tours.


One of the most famous tours in the region, Flona (Tapajós National Forest) is an ecological reserve with many communities. We will visit Jamaraquá.

One of the highlights (literally) of the tour is the walk in the primary forest to see the "grandmother of the forest", the giant Samaúma tree.

We will also have lunch at Dona Conce's house, her food are internationally famous. Everybody love it.

The local handicraft shop offers beautiful necklaces and notebooks produced with latex from the rubber trees that we will see on the trail.

In the late afternoon, a canoe trip among the trees, in the middle of the forest flooded by crystal clear water.

Finally, stop at the two most beautiful beaches on the Tapajós River, the Maguari and  Muretá beaches for sunset.


One of the most beautiful rivers in the Amazon, the Arapiuns has a super clear and yellowish water. The beaches have so white sand that you have the feeling of walking on the moon.

In this tour we will know the 4 main beaches of this river, Ponta do Icuxi, Ponta do Toronó, Ponta Grande and Ponta do Caracaraí.

Lunch will be held in the community of São Marcos and we will also visit the community of Urucureá to see the project Tramas e Cores, of basketry crafts and natural pigmentation.

This project has already been awarded for sustainable design.


The Canal do Jari is located on the Amazon River, it is a lowland region, where in the winter, the time of floods rivers, the water reaches the feet of the stilt houses. The people who live there transport themselves by boats and canoes, it is an interesting scenario. It is a region rich in biodiversity, during the tour it is easy to spot animals and the famous

royal victories.

The lunch is on a famous beach, Ponta de Pedras, several stalls standing in the water offer grilled fish, beer and starter piracuí cake.

After lunch the visit is at Lago Negro, to swim in its beautiful crystalline waters.

At the end of the day, stop at the Cururu beach to watch the sunset.


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