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Video by Samuel Oscar / Drone of the Mountains

Jalapão is one of the unique and picturesque destinations with its reddish cerrado, with waterfalls, boilers and springs of crystalline waters and the people who live there are quilombolas and receive us with such a big heart that would fit in the extension of the park. In addition to the natural beauties, we will get to know the quilombola culture of Jalapão through the people, stories, songs, food, festivities. It is a very meaningful, transforming, human experience. In addition to the quilombolas, we can also get to know the Xerente indigenous ethnic group and their cave paintings. on the outskirts of Palmas. ​


Best season: May to September / Minimum group at any time of the year: 4 people

Next open departure: September 7th to 13th


We will visit the main natural attractions such as boilers, waterfalls, rivers, canyons and dunes. In addition, we will see the harvest of golden grass, singing at night with the buriti guitar, a little party at sunset in a secret spot overlooking the cerrado, we will meet people and their stories, cuisine and two of the quilombos that are inside the park. ​


We will stay in three quilombos, Quilombo do Mumbuca, Prata and Rio Novo, which in addition to being beautiful experiences, we will be in the heart of the park, which reduces travel time to the attractions and generates direct income for the communities. ​ The cars are new, equipped and suitable for the expedition, making the trip even more comfortable!


(values per person  are at the end of each script)

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